Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

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Crucial Medical Supplies

People that require medical supplies are often reliant upon stores having them in stock to continue their life as normal. At LifeCare Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we get new stock in every week, removing one concern from your mind.

Incontinent and Ostomy

Over the years, we have learned that a lot of people requiring incontinence or ostomy products prefer to get their supplies through a medical supply store rather than local pharmacies or more public locations. We wanted to offer our products in a more comfortable and professional environment, so we stock a variety of personal-use catheters, ostomy bags and supplies, and tracheotomy supplies.

Medical Supplies, Orthopedic, and Bracing

A lot of people need elbow and knee braces, wrist braces, and ankle braces to simply deal with daily activity. We fulfill your need with or without prescription, though if you want your insurance to cover it, a prescription is required.

Ambulatory and Respiratory

To make mobility in your life and around your home much easier, we offer a range of walkers, canes, crutches, and knee scooters, while we also have equipment to help patients during rehabilitation. For those who suffer sleep apnea, we sell a variety of nebulizers, C-PAP, and BI-PAP machines, and offer oxygen for both stationary and portables.

Wound Care Products

Whether you are treating stage one, stage two, or stage three wounds, we have the products that you need. From medicated creams and ointments, to gauze and bandages, we understand that injuries occur in life, and the best way to deal with them is to be prepared. Our location opposite the hospital makes us convenient for patients who have just been discharged and require these products to aid their recovery.

Contact us now to discover all the items we stock in our range of medical supplies.

About Us

LifeCare Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing independent provider of SPECIALTY PHARMACY and INFUSION services in Southern Nevada. At LifeCare Pharmacy every patient is family and hope has no limits. It is our support services to people who have complex and chronic conditions that sets us apart from our competitors. We deliver personalized medication therapies and services to people with specialized medication needs such as Inflammatory, Autoimmune conditions, HCV, Blood disorders Oncology, Pulmonary and more.

Our team works hard to lessen the burden and to make sure that patients receive the appropriate therapies prescribed by their physicians. We actively work with all manufacturer co-pay programs and foundations to make sure cost is not a determining factor for access to recommended therapy for patients. It is an honor for our team to support the health of the patients that we serve and to help them thrive.