Adherence to Medication

When we educate a patient on the medications he or she is more likely to remain compliant with their prescribed therapy. Therefore, counseling patient regarding disease state and medication, channeled towards the individual therapy, are standard practice at LifeCare. Ongoing monitoring, via proactive refill reminder calls, pharmacist outreach, and prescribing doctor’s engagement ensures that the patient achieves best possible benefit from treatment.

Product Handling

Based on therapy-specific storage requirements, our shipping team will determine the most appropriate packaging to safeguard the drug arrives to the patient as it is intended to maintain integrity and without compromise

Data Reporting

Custom solutions for data feeds are generated based on prescriber’s request and can ensure complete closure of the loop from manufacturer to wholesale distributor to prescriber and finally to patient.

Our Experience within the Healthcare industry

Our specialty team are experienced in developing and maintaining therapy specific resolution to ensure adequate compliance to required programs