LifeCare Specialty is not only committed to helping its patients and healthcare providers, but also the payor groups who contracts us to utilize our services for the subscribers.

We will work to help manage costs while still providing your members with the highest standard of care which we demand of our employees.

Your subscribers and their physicians will have access to multiple drugs in nearly every therapy class to ensure on time and required treatment. They will also have the benefit of proactive adherence/refill reminder calls ( Call scripting) in addition to multiple technologies such as an interactive phone system, e-mails.

We can reasonably say that he greatest benefit to your members is our  staff. The specialty team has plenty clinical experience and expertise in a broad range of disease states and therapies. This can help to educate your members about their disease at any time of the day thanks to our 24/7 call support.

Altogether the services Lifecare Specialty offers will help reduce costs immensely by utilizing technology and expertise to allow your member to use their medicines to optimize their potential and reach healthy outcome goals.

Payors for our specialty pharmacy services includes but not limited to:

  • Teachers Healthtrust or THT Health
  • Tricare/Triwest
  • Multi-Plan
  • US Department of Labor


Established in 2004 as Care N. Home Pharmacy and Medical Supplies. After losing the Medical Supplies Business to Medicare Competitive Bidding in 2012, the company resorted to change its business model to only focus on pharmacy, having a totally new focus on caring and securing unique patients with special health care needs.
LifeCare Pharmacy is dedicated to providing high quality service to patients who need an extra level of care. As patient care advocates, we strive to provide affordable solutions to what is otherwise considered high cost treatment needs, through careful Insurance Prior Authorization funding. With coordinated care between all levels of health care management, we ensure that patients receive the quality care they need in a timely manner. At LifeCare Pharmacy, every patient is family and Hope Has No Limits.